Johannes Gervé is a precise observer, a sensitive explorer, a melancholic wayfarer, a painter.
It is the search for the essence of a volatile emotion, the awareness of the irrevocability of the moment, a non-manifested longing, both easy and difficult.
And he takes his time.
Devotes himself to the landscape in which he is moving, lets it pass by. A motion on the search for profundity and expanse without geographic frame, for an associative space which escapes the viewed and goes far beyond it.
Forms emerge like clouds appear and disappear, floating. Horizons faint.
Colour and gesture become primary elements, layer for layer he approaches, perceives, traces, orbits, finds, dissolves. Subtly he plays with colours, seeks and analyses transitions, finest shades, colour noise, loud brilliance, quiet gleam, light.
Painting as resonance space, as approach to an inner movement, volatile and fleeting.