Exhibition at JANZEN Galerie, Düsseldorf, “VASTNESS”, 04.-26.09.2020,, Einladung.pdf



Exhibition at Städtischen Galerie Villa Streccius, Landau,
The exhibition “WENIGER”, Johannes Gervé (painting) und Joachim Jurgelucks (sculpture) is postponed to 2021. Expected opening on Friday, 19 March 2021,



art Karlsruhe 2020, 13.-16.02.20, artpark gallery, Halle 2, Stand D33,,



Exhibition Galerie mutare, Berlin, Vernissage 26.04.19, 19.00 Uhr, Exhibition 26.04.-09. 06.19,



art Karlsruhe 2019, 21.-24.02.19, artpark gallery, Halle 2, Stand D33,,

Johannes Gerve, art Karlsruhe 2019



Exhibition Kunstverein Bretten, Johannes Gervé. Illustrations of the book. 21.9-13.10.2018,



art3f Luxembourg 2018, 01.-03.06.18, artpark gallery, Stand F12n,,



art Karlsruhe 2018, 22.-25.02.18, JANZEN Galerie, Halle 3, Stand K32, artpark gallery, Halle 2, Stand E31a/b,,,



JANZEN Galerie, Düsseldorf, „klang“, Johannes Gervé, Joachim Jurgelucks, 08.09.-06.10.2017,, Einladung.pdf



artpark gallery, JANZEN Galerie,,,



Artefiera Bologna, Italien, artpark gallery, 27.-30.01.2017,



Exhibition Kunsthalle Würth, Schwäbisch Hall, “Water, Clouds, Wind”, Natural phenomena from the Würth Collection, 30.09.2016-03.09.2017,, Flyer.pdf



KIAF 2016, Korea, artpark gallery, 12.-16.10.2016,



Gallery Eulenspiegel, Basel, “Marokko”, Ink on Paper, 15.09.-29.10.2016,



Experimentelle 19, 02.07.-11.09.2016, Gottmadingen – Schloss Randegg



Art Busan, Korea, artpark gallery, 2016,



artpark gallery, JANZEN Galerie,,,



Artist’s workshop december 2015



Exhibition JANZEN gallery, Löwenpalais, Berlin 19.-23.09.2015



KIAF 2015, Korea, artpark gallery, 07.-11.10.2015,



Art Busan, Korea, artpark gallery, 05.-08.06.2015,



art Karlsruhe 2015, 05.-08.03, JANZEN Galerie, Halle 3, Stand K32, artpark gallery, Halle 2, Stand D33,,,



Artfair Frankfurt, artpark gallery 31.01.-03.02.2015,,



Johannes Gervé, Reinhard Voss, FACE TO FACE, 15.11.-14.12.2014, JANZEN Galerie, Bayreuth,



Contemporary Istanbul 13.-16.11.2014,




Art Fair Köln 24.10.-27.10.2014,



KIAF Seoul / Korea 25.-29.9.2014,



Exhibition at artpark gallery, Karlsruhe, “Die Entfernte”, Ink on paper, 31.05.-28.06.2014,, Einladung.pdf



Art Busan, Korea, artpark gallery, 18.-21.04.2014,



art Karlsruhe 2014, 13.-16.3., JANZEN Galerie, Halle 3, Stand K32, artpark gallery, Halle 2, Stand A29,,,



Artist’s workshop, winter 2014



The 10th Gongju International Art Festival, 5.10.-3.11.2013,



Artfair KIAF, Seoul, Korea, artpark gallery, 3.10.-7.10.2013,



gallery moa, Seoul, Korea, 8.10.-29.10.2013,



Art Fair Hong Kong, artpark gallery, 23.05-26.05.2013,



Opening of the new studio in Ettlingen, 13.07.2013



Exhibition at Kunstverein Speyer, 21 March – 26. May, 2013,



art Karlsruhe 2013, 7.-10. March, Galerie Janzen, Halle 3, Stand 32,,,



Exhibition at 17th european art fair st-art, Straßburg, 23th to 26th November 2012, Booth Nr. Hall 20, Stand D-42, des Expositions – Strasbourg / Wacken. Represented by gallery artpark


Gallery IMAZOO, Seoul, Korea, “4 positions from germany”, 19th september to 6th october 2012,



The 11th korea international art fair 2012, Korea, 13th to 17th september 2012, Johannes Gervé represented by gallery artpark,



Exhibition at Galerie Eulenspiegel, Basel, Johannes Gervé and Iris Hutegger – paintings und photography. 16th August to 15th September 2012.,



Exhibition at Gallery Nexus, Denmark, Johannes Gervé and Reinhard Voss – paintings and sculptures. 13th Mai to 30th June 2012.



art Karlsruhe, 8th to 11th March 2012. Johannes Gervé represented by Gallery Eulenspiegel (Hall 3 /F20) and Gallery Janzen (Hall 3 /K32),,,


Exhibition at Gallery Janzen, Düsseldorf, Johannes Gervé, “VOM MEER – VOM HIMMEL”, 22th October to 19th November 2011,



Art Fair KIAF at Seoul, Korea, 22th to 26th September 2011, Johannes Gervé represented by gallery artpark, coex – KIAF, Halle B, Stand B-58,



Exhibition at Art Accociation Bretten, Johannes Gervé, “Reisenotizen auf Papier und Leinwand”, first exhibition of the originals of the “Reisenotizbuch” and exhibition of works on canvas, 22th Mai to 19th June 2011,



Exhibition at Gallery URS AEBI, Switzerland, 7th to 29th Mai 2011,



Reisenotizbuch, First edition in December 2010: “Reisenotizbuch”, texts by Eberhard Raetz and pictures of John Gervé, published by Infoverlag, ISBN 978-3-88190-603-6,



Exhibition at Gallery Molitoris, Hamburg, Johannes Gervé, “NEUE ROMANTIK – SEESTÜCKE”, 27th August to 24th September 2010,



Museum Ettlingen Schloss, Johannes Gervé “Neue Romatik Seestücke”, 28th February to 16th Mai 2010,, catalog on the occasion of the exhibition “Gervé Seestücke · Seascapes” by Infoverlag: ISBN 978-3-88190-577-0,



art Karlsruhe, 4th to 7th March 2011. Johannes Gervé represented by Museum Ettlingen (Hall 1),



Exhibition at Gallery Wesner, Konstanz, “Weite Horizonte”, 24th April to 29th Mai 2009,



art Karlsruhe 2009, art Karlsruhe, 5th to 8th March 2009. Johannes Gervé represented by Galerie Bode (Stand R05, Hall 4, dm-Arena),,



Exhibition at Städtischen Galerie Villa Streccius, Landau, “landschafftkopf”, Johannes Gervé, Stefan Kunze and Reinhard Voss, 25th October to 30th November 2008



art Bodensee 2008, art Bodensee, 31th July to 3rd August 2008, Johannes Gervé represented by Gallery Wesner (Konstanz),


Exhibition at Gallery Bode, Karlsruhe, Ink drawings “Buenos Aires”, 6th June to 19th July 2008,



art Karlsruhe 2008, art Karlsruhe, 28th February to 2nd March 2008. Johannes Gervé represented by Gallery Bode (Hall H2/Stand E30),,



Art at the “Klinikum Langensteinbach”, 29th November 2007 to 17th February 2008,



Johannes Gervé and Franziska Schemel, New works created at the Majolika, Majolika Gallery, 20th Mai to 8th July 2007,



Gallery Janzen, Exhibition, 22th April to 9th Mai 2007.



art Karlsruhe 2007, art Karlsruhe, 22th to 25nd March 2007. Johannes Gervé represented by Gallery Janzen (Hall 3 / Stand K 26) and Majolika Karlsruhe,,,



Exhibition at the “Bürgerhaus Sulzfeld”, “Kopf und Landschaft”, 24th September to 15th October 2006,



Exhibition at Gallery Bode, Karlsruhe, “Bilder von Weite und Raum”, 8th April to 20th Mai 2006,



art Karlsruhe 2006, art Karlsruhe, 9th to 12nd March 2006. Johannes Gervé represented by Gallery Janzen (Stand: dm / A53),,



Exhibition at “Mannheimer Kunstverein”, 5th Mach to 2nd April 2006. Catalog on the occasion of the exhibition “Gervé Landschaften · Landscapes” by Infoverlag: ISBN 3-88190-427-1,



Exhibition at Urology Congress Düsseldorf, September 2005: Exhibition of Johannes Gervé and Stefan Kunze during the 57th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Urology.



Participation in the sculpture competition at Walldorf, July 2005: Group of sculptures, community work  by Johannes Gervé, Moon-Kwan Park and Reinhard Voss at Walldorf. Insights of the project: Skulptur_Walldorf_2005.pdf



Representation gifts for the city of Karlsruhe, June 2005: The city of Karlsruhe acquires a limited serie of serigrafies as representation gifts. The subject is Karlsruhe from the air. The original sketches date from a gliding over Karlsruhe.



Exhibition at the SWR Baden-Baden, April 2004: Exhibition at the SWR Baden-Baden, in conjunction with the broadcast of a film portrait on television. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog. Infoverlag Karlsruhe: Johannes Gervé „Arbeiten auf Papier“, ISBN 3-88190-361-5,